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   Card Throwing
What is Card Throwing?
And you probably thought this was a joke ... believe it or not ... for some ... this is an art form. I really meant this to be a tongue in cheek thing but once I started looking for references to the subject I realized that for some this is really a pretty serious endevour.

Card Throwing ... or Card Scaling is really just as it says. Holding the card in a special grip (which there are many techniques for) ... the thrower releases the card at a certain point in the throw which ideally causes the card to fly fast and straight toward it's target. Hard to believe but this is what makes our little colony we call earth so interesting.

The History
The contemporary Western flavor of card throwing has it's roots in traditonal stage magic of the late 19th and 20th century. In addition, there is also an Eastern history that is connected to the Martial Arts. The Western flavors are believed to be originally developed and passed down from this early 19th century era of stage magic. Alexander Herrman is known to have used card throwing as part of his professional act. Thurston was another well known early magician known for his card thowing ... and one of the few known handling methods is named after him.

The Eastern disciplines of Matial Arts have been utlizing the throwing of objects as weapons for centuries. Typically the use of stars, knives, or any other sharp object would be used. The Ninja, Shoalin, and other eastern fighting disciplines perfected these arts to deadly potentials.

Methods & Technique
There are more than one technique/method to throwing cards. Many of the sites below have tutorials on the handling of the card for effective throwing for both accuracy and distance. I'm going to leave the details concerning technique to others who have a greater mastery than I. The future may allow for a more verbose coverage of technique on this page.

Links to Card Throwing Info:
Ricky Jay's The Linking Page
Ricky Jay is considered to be one of the most renouned card throwers and has appeared in mulitple venues discussing the finer points fo the discipline (including Myth Busters).
Card Throwing & Knife Throwing Tutorial
This site is a tutorial on the methods and techniques for card throwing. Once you get the card throwing down you can move up to knife throwing ... which they also cover.
Card Throwing (David Maduram)
This is another site outlining the methods and techniques for card throwing ... highlighting the Ricky Jay method.
Bernie DeKoven's Fun Stuff at DeepFun.Com
This site is called DeepFun.com by Ernie DeKoven. It has a tutorial on card throwing methods and technique ... amongst some other 'fun' stuff.
Card Throwing Machines (home built)
Don't want to bother w/ all the time and effort to develop the card throwing technique? Then this is for you ... plans for building a machine to throw the cards ... like a pitching machine except it will throw playing cards.
Card Throwing Build Off & Competition
Here's some of the details of the competition amongst the office workers building their own card throwing machines.
Short Thread on Card Throwing
This is a short threaded discussion of card throwing and sources for information.
The Encycolopedia of Card Shooting
Hey ... it's the Encyclopedia of Card Throwing ... so you know what that means.
Stainless Steel Throwing Cards (really)
Here's the copy from this page on the site: "Always an effective and unexpected edge in combat, small projectiles are easily concealed are practical for a last-ditch effort against a relentless assailant. Each card is 2.3"x3.5" and stainless steel. Comes in a set of 5 cards and a carrying case."
Short Thread on Card Throwing
This is a short threaded discussion of card throwing and sources for information.
The Magic of Thurston (the magician and card thrower)
Everything Thruston
Card Throwing League
Some kind of game w/ the throwing of cards.
You Tube Card Throwing Videos
Just search for Card Throwing or Card Scaling ... many examples to spend your valuable free time on.
Final Notes:
So there you go ... and you thought this was a joke. As you can see it's a pretty serious endevour for some. In the event that I've not accurately represented I welcome input as appropriate to correct the record.
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